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The Floower Team

3 friends and makers that make the Floower bloom

Floower team

Hi, I’m Lukas. Originally a joiner and cabinetmaker.

I was making furniture for 12 years and then gained experience in metalworking. Now I’m the main Floower craftsman who loves fishing, swordplay, and gardening.

I care much to make sure everything not only looks well but works flawlesly.

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Hi, I’m Jiri. I am the creator of the everblooming flower.

Being innovative and taking challenges is my daily bread. I love electronics, coding, working with metal and wood.

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Hi, I’m Pavel. Started as graphic designer and then moved into UX design. I love good food, music and my family.

My main responsibility is the website, marketing, and I also manage the gardener@floower.io mailbox and the chat on the website.

Happy to talk to you!

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We took this picture just a few minutes after we legally founded the company. While having our day-to-day jobs, we’re making Floowers for you to enjoy. We invest everything we can back to the company hoping it one day become our one and only dream job.

Floowers are blooming all around the world

Thanks to people like you, Floower already blooms from Los Angeles to Seoul. Floower by Floower, we carefully grow without colossal ad budgets. We grow thanks to people sharing their stories.

“That just absolutely blew my mind!!! Best valantine gift I can imagine.”
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“Awesome work! As a Dutch person I can honestly say that this is the most beautiful tulip of them all.”
“That is so amazing a tulip that never dies must represent everlasting love.”

Try Floower in AR

We have created Instagram and Facebook filters so you can try how Floower fits your shelf, bedside table, or desk. See Floower for yourself.