Meet Floower,
an everblooming flower

White Floower

When the art meets technology, Floower happens. Floower is a robotic flower that blooms and light up when you gently touch its leaf. It's remotely controllable, and highly customizable.

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  •  3.499
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Everblooming flower for everlasting love

Give the Perfect Gift

Be bold and step out from the crowd. Give the perfect design piece for any home or office. Give an exceptional device that will brighten up everyday life.

Floower red touch
Let there be light

Maximum Wow Effect

Gently touch the leaf to make it bloom to carefully chosen colors. Create a perfect mood in your room with this fantastic luxurious decoration. Take Floower to the next level with the mobile app to personalize the behavior and preset colors.

Set love to motion

Ultimate Ring Box

Can you imagine a better ring box? Watch her excitement as she touches the leaf, and Floower slowly starts to reveal the fully lit jewelry you put inside.

The Floower ringholder (sold separately)
Experience Technology

See Floower in AR

We have created Instagram and Facebook filters so you can try how Floower fits your shelf, bedside table, or desk. See Floower for yourself.
Designed and made in the Czech Republic

Handmade Original

Every bit of the flower is a hand-crafted original. Designed and made in the Czech Republic, the romantic heart of Europe. Floower is made from premium wood, brass, and eco-friendly plastic. Shop from our collection or request a custom-made premium combination of colors and wood.

What people say about Floower

That just absolutely blew my mind!!! Best valantine gift I can imagine.

Awesome work! As a Dutch person I can honestly say that this is the most beautiful tulip of them all.

That is so amazing a tulip that never dies must represent everlasting love.

This is perfection. My wife would love something like this. I need to up my present game.

inspired by nature


Today’s flowers are grown in Africa or South America. They are shipped by planes on long distances to be cooled in fridges until somebody purchases them – just to fade a few days later. Even though you should definitely consider getting more Floowers, you only need it once. It will last forever. It’s handmade out of natural wood, brass & PLA plastic made from corn.

When Art Meets Technology

Floower is packed with high-tech electronics. Remotely controlled and highly customizable via mobile application. It fits every location and occasion!

Floowers bloom all around the world

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