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1st Floower customer satisfaction survey

It’s been a little over a year when we embarked on our journey of making everblooming flowers. So we wanted to check in with our customers about how their Floowers are doing and, more importantly, how happy they are with them.

How we did the survey

We created a survey with Google Forms and asked our customers that didn’t opt-out from receiving e-mails from us.

Quick numbers

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Survey results

What did we learn?

You buy Floower mainly as a gift

75% of respondents say they purchased Floower as a gift, and we agree. Giving Floower to someone and then watching them react for the first time is a moment to remember for sure.

We've got happy customers

Q: Are you happy with Floower?

A: 9.25 out of 10 is our average score
(lowest score was 7 by one person)

Yay! This one means a lot to us, and it means that the amount of work we put into Floower is paying off.

Q: How likely would you recommend Floower to your friend?

A: 9.45 out of 10 is our average score
(lowest score was 7 by one person)

Oh, even better! We promise we’ll do everything to keep such a nice score.

We can improve

We found out that 10% of respondents didn’t know about the mobile app, and 30% didn’t know they can upgrade firmware. That is a failure on our side, and we want to improve that. We already decided we will print out new instructions that we put into the box, and we’ll also make some changes to the website to support that.

While everyone knew about our ring-holding add-on, only 35% of respondents knew about the chocolate truffle folder.

Curious about details?

Take a look at the screenshot below. We took out personal data as that’s nothing we would love to share. There’s a little bit of Czech in the text, and we’re proud of that as that’s our country 🙂

Floower survey results

Thank you for all your support and all your kind words! Got questions? Reach out to gardener@floower.io.

Jiri, Lukas and Pavel

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