Meet the Team

Jiri Praus, Lukas Nosek and Pavel Benes.
We are the team behind Floower Lab s.r.o. — the company that brings you everblooming flowers.

Jiri Praus


Jiri is the creator of the everblooming flower.

Being innovative and taking challenges is his daily bread. He loves electronics, coding, working with metal and wood.

Lukas Nosek

Lukas Nosek


Originally a joiner and cabinetmaker. Lukas was making furniture for 12 years and then gained experience in metalworking. Now he's the main Floower craftsman who loves fishing, swordplay, and gardening.

He cares much to make sure everything not only looks well but works flawlessly.

Pavel Benes


Pavel started as a graphic designer and then moved into UX design. He loves good food, music, and his family.

His primary responsibility is the website, marketing, and he also manages the mailbox and the chat on the website.

Always happy to talk to you!

How the Floower sprouted?

Jiri built his first Everblooming Flower back in January 2019 for his wife as an ultimate gift for Valentine’s day. Back then, it was just a one-time shoot project that took him nearly 4 weeks.

Original Floower design
Original Floower design
Before After

Improving the design

It spread quickly over the Internet, and everybody was insisting they want to buy one. Jiri kept improving the overall design and reliability of the Floower for a year to finally release the first beta in May 2020.

Brought to you

Jiri made Floower as an ultimate gift for anybody who loves beauty, colors, art, or just love. It’s handcrafted, open-source, and loaded with high-tech stuff that every geek will appreciate.

What are the things we stand for

Handmade quality

Each of our Flowers is handmade in the Czech Republic. We have Czech 3d printers, and Jiri made his own CNC machine and wire cutter. Each Floower has more than 50 hand-soldered points.

A company made by 3 long-term friends

We're enthusiasts and dreamers. We believe we can make the world a more magical place with an everblooming flower. Since we are friends, our management meetings are never dull. We enjoy each and every bit of having company, and we are learning so much thanks to Floower.

Sustainability at our heart

Pavel and Jiri have a day job to earn a living, and Lukas is on paternity leave. We make Floowers in our spare time, and we turn profit back to innovate our company. We buy locally as much as possible to support the society around us and minimize our carbon footprint.

We care about you

If you send us a message on our website or at, it's Pavel who's going to reply. On socials, it's gonna be either Jiri or Pavel. That's it - we're at the frontline to stay in touch with you.

Broken Flower? We'll send you a new one.

We strive to create the best product, and we want every detail to be perfect. If we fail, you have every right to get a new Floower that meets our standards. That's it.

30-day money-back guarantee

Floower doesn't meet your expectations? Let us know within 30 days, and you'll get your money back.

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