Floower App

Floower is the only flower with its own mobile app.

Control your Floower from anywhere

With our mobile app, you can control your Floower anywhere. 

Remind people you care about, you think about them, or send secret color-coded messages that only you understand.

Stay connected with your love with Floower.

A woman controlling Floower from a couch

Sit back and light up

Nobody should need to get up from a sofa to enjoy a Floower!  Just kidding, but we’ve all been there – wanting to do something, but then realizing it’s so many steps to take. Floower’s got a remote control, and it’s already in your pocket – your phone.

Floower app features

Remote control for Floower

Surprise anyone with your Floower blooming all of a sudden. And sometimes it's just too difficult to get up from a sofa, right?

Set your own colors

Floower comes with predefined colors. With the app, you can change them and define your own.

Name your Floower

Got more Floowers? We get that 🙂 You can give your Floower a unique name, so you always know to which you're connecting.

Adjust bloom speed

Are you fast and furious? Then you might want your Floower to be just like you. Or you can slow it down and make it bloom like a slow-mo.

Adjust leaf sensitivity

Sometimes Floower has a hard time sensing your touch if you have dry hands. That's why we made it possible to adjust the leaf sensitivity.

Set bloom size

Do you like small gentle blossoms, or are you a full-bloom person? Have it your way. Small or big, we don't judge.

Access candlelight mode

A special mode for romantic occasions. The lights are semi-randomly dimming and making a fire-like effect in the closed Floower.

Access rainbow mode

Kids love colors. In this mode, each LED is lit in a different color, and they change over time. So you can gaze into colors for hours.

Floower mobile app

Open and close the Floower blossom.

Adjust speed, set bloom size or customize the color palette

Switch colors as you like.

Access rainbow and candlelight mode.

Explore the app now

If there’s no Floower around, you could connect the app to try it in a demo mode. We made it so that you can explore the app even without Floower.