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Our mobile app to control your Floower
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Floower Cloud

Flooware 10 and the latest mobile app bring major improvement to our amazing Floower. Floower is now more connected. You can connect your Floower to …

Our Stories

Floower will keep you Connected. Anywhere.

Our everblooming flower can now connect to the internet. There’s been a WiFi module sleeping inside every Floower we ever made. Now it awakes. So …

3 Floowers - everblooming flowers
Your Stories

Meet Bruce and his 6 Floowers

We love getting to know our customers, and there was one, in particular, we wanted to reach out to. His name popped up quite a …

Floower with book
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Use Floower to Breathe Mindfully

Mindful breathing is a very basic yet powerful mindfulness meditation practice. The idea is simply to focus your attention on your breathing—to its natural rhythm …

Customizing the Floower
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I wrote a terrible firmware

So I rewrote Floower’s firmware (Flooware) from scratch. The main reason to do that – I would love to build a community of developers around Floower. …