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Floower will keep you Connected. Anywhere.

Our everblooming flower can now connect to the internet.

There’s been a WiFi module sleeping inside every Floower we ever made. Now it awakes. So we are creating a universe of Floowers – a worldwide garden. As a first baby step, you can now control your Floower from anywhere over the internet.


We love connecting people. Our Floower is a perfect gift and opportunity to show your love and appreciation. But it’s not a one-time gift you would simply put on the shelf. Keep it connected to your home WiFi and make it bloom whenever you are at work or on long distances. Never feel lonely again.

I already purchased the Floower.

Your Floower can be upgraded by you to allow connecting over the internet. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the latest remote control mobile app
  2. Upgrade Floower Firmware (Flooware 10)
  3. Open Settings in the mobile app and connect Floower to your Home WiFi
  4. Floower needs to be connected to a power supply for WiFi to work.
Our mobile app to control your Floower
Our mobile app to control your Floower
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