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Meet Bruce and his 6 Floowers

We love getting to know our customers, and there was one, in particular, we wanted to reach out to. His name popped up quite a few times in our new orders channel. So meet Bruce.

How it started #1

The first Floower I purchased was for my wife. She loves flowers and me, and since I am a geek/engineer/tech at heart, I knew the only flowers I could impress her with would be the cool Floower. I’m not sure how impressed she was, but I was! This is not just a great maker piece, this has Art, Craftsmanship, Beauty, and Engineering all contained in a beautiful creation from the Czech Republic! Additionally, it has Bluetooth! Everyone loves Bluetooth. My wife is partial to the colors purple (lavender) and pink, so she can bring up any color for which she is in the mood.

Feel better flower #2

My second purchase was for my Niece in Arizona. Her husband ended up in hospital with a very serious condition right before Christmas 2020. Her husband, an engineer, was laid up for a very long time, and because of COVID and the distancing requirements, his visits were very restricted, and he could not see or communicate with his children and family. Since we always send flowers to someone in hospital, I thought this would be the best way to make an engineer smile with a Floower. Since he could not communicate, I was hoping his children or him could use the Floower’s animation and colors to express messages back and forth. Unfortunately, Bluetooth means the sender/receiver of messages needs to be in the same proximity to be effective. It would be wonderful to enable a WIFI or Internet connection for sending messages long distance.

We hear you, Bruce, and we’re working on enabling the WiFi that’s already built into all our Floowers.

Floower for a colleague at work #3

My third purchase was for a Ph.D. colleague who underwent a sudden heart-related medical issue. Our office wanted to send something nice, and I suggested a Floower. The Floower is pleasing to view, fun to play with, and gives this scientific-minded person a wonderful feeling when using technology to enable the Floower’s really cool features. Additionally, he also admires its artistic construction and form.

Floower for a friend #4

My fourth purchase was for a wonderful friend in California who was also going through medical treatment for cancer. She has undergone chemotherapy quite a bit, and the Floower arrived on her doorstep one day after treatment and brought a wonderful smile and happiness to her soul. She loves her Floower too!

Floower for better recuperation #5

The fifth purchase was for a longtime friend of ours who recently had a knee replacement. She went into the surgery twice, as they needed to correct a previous issue. Again, in lieu of sending “flowers,” I immediately ordered a long-living Floower for her to view and play with while recuperating. She, too, loves art, craftsmanship, and nuance. Since I’m a true geek, this was an easy choice of gift for our wonderful friend. Subtly, the electro-mechanical action in the Floower reminds me of how the human knee operates. I’m not sure she picked up on that connection, but it does add another dimension to the gift!

Floower for never met sister #6

I just realized I have now purchased six Floowers! The sixth, most recent one will be a gift to my sister! I have never known my sister. She, being 10 years older, was unknown to my brother and me until DNA matched us up over a year ago. I plan to bring the Floower to her when we meet for the 1st time next month in California. For me, the Floower will be my geeky way of expressing our family love and remind her of her two new technology-minded brothers. Thus, the masculine side of the family is the electro-mechanical-engineering side, with a dash of art and craftsmanship, and our wives contribute the artistic, beauty, and longevity from the feminine side!

Will there be more?

There will definitely be more Floowers purchased in the future, for sure. You may already have expanded the US market here, as many people I know have been interested in buying your creations. I always tell folks looking for a unique and quality gift for their loved ones, which is handmade and not in any store, to visit your website! I hope the orders from the USA are helping you out.

Thank you, Bruce, for your kind words. We wish your Floowers to bloom forever.

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