This is Floower

A stunning handmade bionic flower.
Floower is the first everblooming flower with its own mobile app and smart electronics. It blooms when you touch it.
It changes colors, and it can hide the most precious gifts and secrets if you want. It will simply bloom you away.

Everblooming Flower

Floower is an artificial flower made from wood, brass & biodegradable plastic. It’s not a mere lamp. Touching the leaf is a pure sensation – the Floower slowly opens into one of 16 million colors. The first bloom makes some people smile, but some people squeal with delight – we’ve seen that!

Closed Opened

Never-Fading Companion

But it’s not only about the first touch. The Floower is a perfect candle for romantic dinner, a night lamp for late-night bookworms, subtle light for long summer evenings with friends in the yard, and a never-fading companion for long winter nights.

Propose Like No Other with Floower

See Nathaniel’s unique way of proposing. The Floower acts as a one-of-a-kind ring box.

To propose means to be bold, to come forth and give your hearth. With Floower, you can bring in extra magic to the most memorable moment of your life.

Intelligent Lamp

Ever wanted to give your home a unique decorative lamp? Look no further. This everblooming flower lamp blooms on touch, and you can control it with your smartphone.

With our app, you can adjust all the different aspects from color to the blossom size and speed.

Surprise Anyone with an Extraordinary Experience

Meet Tyler and Jennifer Lyne who’s Valentine’s dinner brought in a special surprise. His idea was to serve an after-dinner chocolate desert with an extravagant style. That’s something you present to your guests at home as well with our add-on.

But the ideas are limitless, and we’re happy to support you in your endeavors. Have a similar thought? Let us know!

Supper Club full of Floowers
Floower box

Elegantly Packaged

We care about the whole experience you have with Floower. That’s why we spend weeks designing the perfect box in which the Floower travels safely.

Made for Makers by Makers

Makers are fascinated by moving things, LEDs, and craftsmanship. Floower is handmade and brought to you by 3 guys. Floower is made in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic, by Jiri Praus, Lukas Nosek, and Pavel Benes.


Vyrobena pro dotyk

Dotkni se listu a sleduj jak Floower rozkvete.

Originální vzhled

Dva roky vývoje. A stále ladíme.

Dobíjecí baterie

Není třeba kabel k tomu abys oslnil ostatní.

Mobilní aplikace

Přizpůsob a ovládej Floower přes mobilní aplikaci.

Ruční výroba

Pečlivě vyrobeno v České republice

S ohledem k přírodě

Dřevo českých dodavatelů a kukuřičný plast.


Now You Know What is Floower

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