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Floower 1 year anniversary

Do you recall the first everblooming prototypes?

On April 16, 2020, while being locked down during a pandemic, I started working on the first everblooming flowers. In the summer, we sold the first 10 prototypes to our first beta testers for 75% of the projected price. They were gone in 2 hours.

Since then, the incredible journey has started, and we were able to handmade and sold 276 Floowers during the first year. And we keep innovating – new mobile app, new sensors, and new materials.

As a thank you, we reward you with a chance to get the latest Floower for 75% of the store price for the upcoming April 16 – April 23, 2021. Huge thank you for all your support, feedback, improvements, and warm words.


A brief history of our glamorous journey

April 2020

Proof of concept

I am working on proof of concept prototypes, convincing my two good friends to join me – Pavel and Lukas.

Early Floower manufacture

April 2020

May 2020


Floower was born, the brand name chosen.

Floower Logo

May 2020

June 2020

First deliveries

Shipping out the first prototypes, the company was officially founded.

One of the first Floowers waiting to be shipped

June 2020

October 2020

Online store

Launching store and selling 100 Christmas Floowers.

October 2020

December 2020

Mobile App

Releasing a mobile application to customize your Floower

Floower App Store

December 2020

February 2021

Valentine’s Floower

Popular Valentine’s red edition that starts a colorful spring Floowers.

Valentines Floower with box

February 2021

March 2021

Floower everywhere

You are proposing, serving food and enjoying Floower like never before.


March 2021

Few words from you

Armin Hanisch@DerLinkshaender
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Dear "Gardeners", your flower arrived safely and turned out to be a perfect gift! Wonderful craftsmanship und greetings from my very delighted wife. Srdečné díky!
Giulio Cesare@gcsolaroli
Read More
I got an early version (without the latest nice upgrades in structure and packaging) but still gorgeous. 🙂
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Wow! Pictures, words, nothing does this justice! Quick firmware update and on it goes, no matter how hard it is going to be to let go.. Thanks so much to the great folks @floowerlab!
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@floowerlab might be just the perfect present for Valentine's day. Find out about how this project turned into a successful business Read here: https://bit.ly/3ivJjKN
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I got a Floower for Christmas thanks to my hubby Smiling face with 3 hearts And thank you @floowerlab, it's beautiful !
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