Convert your dining table, bedside table, or bookshelf into a mini modern art exhibition with Floower. An everbloomin flower. It’s a beautiful piece of Czech craftsmanship that blooms into every color of the rainbow.


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Meet the everblooming flower

What is Floower?

Floower is an artificial flower made from wood, brass & eco-friendly plastic. It’s not a mere lamp. Touching the leaf is a pure sensation – the Floower slowly opens into one of 16 million colors. The first bloom makes some people smile, but some people squeal with delight – we’ve seen that!

But it’s not only about the first touch. The Floower is a perfect candle for romantic dinner, night lamp for late-night bookworms, subtle light for long summer evenings with friends in the yard, and a never-fading companion for long winter nights.

A few words from the maker

How the Floower sprouted?

I built my first Everblooming Flower back in January 2019 for my wife as an ultimate gift for Valentine's day. Back then, it was just a one-time shoot project that took me nearly 4 weeks.

It spread quickly over the Internet, and everybody was insisting they want to buy one. I kept improving the overall design and reliability of the Floower for a year to finally release the first beta in May 2020. And I will keep innovating the design to always deliver originality and art.

I made Floower to be an ultimate gift for anybody who loves beauty, colors, art, or just love. It's handcrafted, open-source, and loaded with high-tech stuff that every geek will appreciate.

Jiri Praus
Co-founder of Floower Lab
Ready for Digital Age

First Flower with Remote Control

Surprise everyone when you Floower suddenly blooms into your favorite color with no visible interaction. That’s one of the reasons we built a mobile app. Control the brightness to match your mood and select the perfect color for the moment.

Key Qualities of Floower

The reasons to make you buy it :]

Original Design

Two years of development. And we still tinker.

Soft Light

In any color of the rainbow. Precisely 16 millions colors.

Made for Touch

Touch the leaf to let your Floower bloom.

Rechargable Battery

Up to 12h of light with no cables needed.

Mobile App

Your mobile phone is a remote control

Eco Friendly

Locally sourced wood and plastic made from corn.

Carefully Packaged

You'll understand when unboxing.

Made in Czech Republic

Every spare minute we make Floowers for you to enjoy.

3 key building blocks

Natural wood | Brass rods and tubes | 3D printed plastic parts from PLA

Made for Makers


Want to join or community of Floowackers? Checkout the Flooware and make your Floower ever more unique. The software is written in the Arduino code and is easy to understand and modify. We are looking forward to your commits.

Numbers and geeky words :]


If only words could tell how beautiful it is to hold the Floower with your hands.

We tried our best to make you treat yourself. We hope it worked :]

Join the Waitlist

Quite a few Floowers are in the making. Make sure you know when they are ready to bloom.

Leaving now?

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