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Nathaniel’s Proposal Story

You can do a lot of amazing things with Floower, but Nathaniel came up with the perfect one. He used our everblooming flower to turn it into an excellent engagement ring case.

For Arnesha

Nathaniel has been with his soulmate Arnesha for five years when he decided to ask the question.

“I knew that it was time, and I knew she was the one for me. She is my perfect match”. Nate got the perfect ring for Arnesha, but he wanted to make it even more special.

“I saw the original everblooming flower two years ago just floating by on my Twitter account. I knew I wanted to give it to her at some point. When you came up with the first Floowers, it was perfect timing. The whole thing is genius. I love the light, the petals, and that it opens to reveal the ring inside.”

Making the ring holder

Nathaniel contacted me in October with an idea to put a ring inside the Floower. I always knew the Floower is the ultimate ring box, but this was the first time I started to design it. I 3D printed a similar ring to the one Nate chose and created a simple yet elegant ring holder out of silver wire. The ring holder can be easily attached to the blossom’s center to support the ring in the middle of it.

The Floower ringholder (sold separately)
Not the actual ring, but we wanted you to see the closeup.

The proposal

“I traveled to Orlando, Florida, and surprised her at Church Street Market. I walked down the stairs with Floower in my hand and kneel before her. I knew she was going to say yes from the moment when she gently touched the flower and her eyes when wide open”.

It’s an honor for Floower to be able to carry a 40-carat diamond engagement ring for this exceptional and once a lifetime moment.

Looking forward to getting married

“We want to move to Orlando and have 2 or 3 kids. I want to carry on supporting you. What you’ve created is a special, man. And I want to get more Floowers and give them my family and friend in the future.”

Nathaniel and Arnesha are planning on getting married in October 2021.

What can I say? Nathaniel is a romantic man, and he put the proposal bar high with his act. Thank you, Nate, and I wish you and your fiance all the best in your upcoming life together.

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Convert your Floower into an ultimate ring box with our ring holder.
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