Our Story

Curious on how we started. Want to laught at us?
Then you are at the right place! 😂

September 2020

Christmas Challenge

We want to deliver 100 Floower before the Christmas. It’s going to be a chalenge on all fronts, but we’re excited about it 🙂

September 2020

Mobile App

Floower is getting ready to go mobile. From the first iterations it was clear that we’ll want to select our favorite colors and that making that selection with the leaf only would be too complex. We’re working hard to introduce the mobile app soon.

July 2020

Second Prototypes​

Learning to scale handmade production can bring errors. Even though you wish for none, some can happen. And we help our initial batch of testers that have helped us to uncover all the potential issues.

June 2020

Petals Factory

Before scaling up the production, one needs to make sure he has all the resources. And that was a perfect excuse to get another 3d printer.

June 2020

Working in Garage

Setting up the environment. Creating templates and trying to produce faster.

June 2020

First Customers

This was a big leap of faith for us. We hoped for the best and you were there to support us. We will always remember that. Thank you!

MAY 2020

Floower Was Born

Bold goals need a bold team. But also some very boring legal stuff. But we went through that and Floower Lab s.r.o. was born.

Floower Logo
February 2020

Everblooming Garden

I’ve done a lot of fascinating projects during 2019 but I couldn’t stop thinking about the Everblooming Tulip. I knew that the original design was too complicated – it originally took me 4 weeks to build. Nobody would want to pay for it.

So I innovated the design during 2019. I’ve used my newly obtained experience with 3D printing and with a milling CNC machine to come up with the new design that would be far easier to build but still results in an enchanting piece of art.

As a proof of concept, I’ve decided to build 10 of these flowers and prepare and everblooming flower garden as a surprise for my wife on Valentine’s Day. You know. To improve my game.

I’ve also shot a video while building those. Take a look.

September 2019

CNC Milling Machine

Bold goals need a bold team. But also some very boring legal stuff. But we went through that and Floower Lab s.r.o. was born.

May 2019

3D printing

3D printers always fascinated me. It’s an impressive technology that helps with fast prototyping. And I went for the best one – Prusa MK3S. Because I love his story and passion. And I want to support local brands!

Prusa printer helped me a lot to create even more complicated sculptures. I’ve used it primarily to print custom jigs, tools, and stencils for my free-form sculptures.

February 2019

My Wife Is The Reason

It was the middle of frozen January and I wanted to make something. I wanted to throw myself into a new challenging project. But what? All my previous sculptures were static, no movement at all. Then out of nowehere I imagined a flower whose petals would open. I don’t even know what was the inspiration. Probably a call for spring.

Those were my thoughts at the beginning of this famous project that was eventually named Everblooming Tulip. I took it secret and I was so lucky to finish it a few days before Valentine’s Day. I gave it to my wife and shared it on Twitter.

It instantly went viral. The internet magazines and even local televisions were celebrating me as a husband of a year. That was something I’ve never anticipated. Everybody started to bombard me with requests to built one for them.

November 2018

First Free-Form Art

I’ve started to follow Mohit Bhoit – a genius artist that is creating electronic sculptures by soldering brass wire into so-called free-form sculptures. I immediately fall in love with these.

So I started to build my free-form sculptures. It’s a perfect combination of all my passions – software engineering, electronics, and 3D design. The first one I built was an Arduino based snowflake.

November 2018

Afraid Of Failures

Yeah. This is so true. Many people are. I was so afraid I would fail that I never shared a project I was working on. But I wanted to change. I read a book and took “Nobody gives a shit” attitude. And starter to share my work on Twitter. And it was amazing! That was a big bang for me.