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Ring Box Add-on

Add-on: Ring Box

Convert your Floower into an ultimate ring box. This addon is a 4-arm ring platform attached in the center of the Floower’s blossom. We ship the set of 3 ring holders to fit 1-4mm thick rings.


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Nathaniel’s Proposal Story

Nathaniel used our everblooming flower to turn it into an excellent engagement ring case.

Propose Like a Boss

You have to be original. It’s once in a lifetime moment. Propose with Floower. She will be surprised, amazed, and crying. Let’s make the moment unforgettable together.

With our ring stand, you can upgrade your Floower instantly into a magical ring box. The ring stand is easily attachable on top of the Floower without any tools, it nicely clicks into grooves. Our Floower is a magical item itself, but hiding a ring inside is a real game-changer.

We ship the set of 3 ring holders for 2 mm, 3 mm, and 4 mm thick rings. You will be able to choose the right one to make everything click.


Ring Holder Detail

UV-sensitive translucent resin to conduct light

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The layer height of 0.01mm delivers remarkable precision.

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Print it yourself, join the community

How it's made

Ring Holder Add-on is printed on SLA printer from UV-sensitive resin. SLA 3D printers are so far the most precise ones with layer height of only 0.01mm. That’s why we can achieve such a detail. But it’s not suitable for other parts of Floower.

Feel free to download the STL file and print it on your own printer if you can!

You need a Floower

Ring Box is just an add-on. You need to get yourself a Floower.