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Amethyst Cherry Floower

A unique robotic flower that blooms and shines when the leaf is touched. A combination of amethyst purple 3D printed petals and red cherry wood makes this Amethyst Cherry Floower a perfect gift that will stand out in every interior. Handmade with 💜

Special editions are trickier to make. The current lead time is 1 week. Don’t worry, it’s worth the waiting.


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fresh spring color

Amethyst Purple Petals

Like amethyst quartz, our Amethyst Flower has the light lavender color of her petals. The plastic is semi-transparent making it interesting to blend with the light the Floower emits.

increadible wood

Cherry Flowerpot

Cherry is renowned among woodworkers and furniture aficionados for its color and aging process. It starts out a light pink and darkens over time to a rich reddish hue with a lustrous patina.
Be bold

Made for the proposal

Be like Nathaniel and fine tune your most romantic act with our Floower. You can put a ring inside the blossom and propose like a boss. 

It’s for the brave, those who love art and craft like Nathaniel, whom we thank so much for sharing his story and wishing him and his beloved one the most amazing journey together in years to come.

Note: the ring-holding add-on is not a part of the Floower and needs to be ordered separately.

Key Qualities of Floower

Be proud of what you purchased

Original Design

Two years of development. And we still tinker.

Soft Light

Ambient light for your amazing interior

Made for Touch

Touch the leaf to let your Floower bloom.

Rechargable Battery

No cable needed while amazing others.

Mobile App

Customize and control it with our mobile app

Eco Friendly

Locally sourced wood and plastic made from corn.

Carefully Packaged

You'll understand when unboxing.


Carefully crafted in the Czech Republic

3 key building blocks

We are proud of what we make. Interact with the points below to learn more.

Amethyst Cherry Floower lit

Custom designed 3D printed petals

1 of 3

Brass stem and hand-soldered brass leaf

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Natural red cherry wood

3 of 3
Ready for Digital Age

First Flower with Remote Control

Surprise everyone when you Floower suddenly blooms into your favorite color with no visible interaction. That’s one of the reasons we built a mobile app. Control the brightness to match your mood and select the perfect color for the moment.

Experience Technology

See Floower in AR

We have created Instagram and Facebook filters so you can try how Floower fits your shelf, bedside table, or desk. See Floower for yourself.
Made for Makers


Want to join or community of Floowackers? Checkout the Flooware and make your Floower ever more unique. The software is written in the Arduino code and is easy to understand and modify. We are looking forward to your commits.

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