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Why should you get a Floower and what it is? Take a look at What is Floower.

Choose from 9 impressive petals colors and 3 types of wood. Make the Floower your own.

Why should you get a Floower and what it is? Take a look at What is Floower.

In-stock Floowers

We send Floowers usually within 3 business days.


Floower takes about two weeks to make.

Floower looks great anywhere

How we make Floowers

Each Floower is handmade with our loving care. We are 3 passionate makers and enjoy every Floower that passes by our hands. Take a look at how we make Floowers for you.

See how we make our custom Floowers

What is Floower?

Floower is the first everblooming flower with its own mobile app and smart electronics. It blooms when you touch it.

It changes colors, and it can hide the most precious gifts and secrets if you want. It will simply bloom you away.

Key Qualities of Floower

Be proud of what you purchased

Original Design

Two years of development. And we still tinker.

Soft Light

Ambient light for your amazing interior

Made for Touch

Touch the leaf to let your Floower bloom.

Rechargable Battery

No cable needed while amazing others.

Mobile App

Customize and control it with our mobile app

Eco Friendly

Locally sourced wood and plastic made from corn.

Carefully Packaged

You'll understand when unboxing.


Carefully crafted in the Czech Republic

Made for Makers


Want to join or community of Floowackers? Checkout the Flooware and make your Floower ever more unique. The software is written in the Arduino code and is easy to understand and modify. We are looking forward to your commits.

Numbers and geeky words :]


Make Floower yours now

Select petals color and wood type to see how beautiful it is.