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Add-on: Taste Technology

Convert your Floower into a taste serving pleasure! This addon is a simple 6-arm platform attached in the center of Floower’s blossom. It can hold anything under 3cm in diameter. A praline is a perfect fit! We ship the set of 2 stands – natural and golden coated.


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Blooming Dinner

Tyler's Supper Club is serving their amazing dessert with help of our Floowers to create breathtaking experience.

Seducive Flower

Simply upgrade your Floower by attaching this elegant add-on and you are instantly in possession of a magical item. You can put whatever delicious thing you can imagine, close it and wait for somebody else to open it by gently touching the leaf. Our Floower is a magical item itself, but having a flower with sweetness inside is something unbeatable.

We ship the set of 2 stands – natural and golden coated. The golden one is nice looking when Floower is not lit. The natural one incredibly spread the light.


UV-sensitive resin

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The layer height of 0.01mm delivers remarkable precision.

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How it's made

Taste Technology Add-on is printed on SLA printer from UV-sensitive resin. SLA 3D printers are so far the most precise ones with layer height of only 0.01mm. That’s why we can achieve such a detail. But it’s not suitable for other parts of Floower.

Feel free to download the STL file and print it on your own printer if you can!

You need a Floower

Ring Box is just an add-on. You need to get yourself a Floower.