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Valentine's Floower

Valentine's Floower

Win Valentine's Day with a perfect flower. Give your beloved one something special. We're making and selling everblooming flowers. Yet this one is a limited edition. We grabbed a 50-yo walnut tree log and made 10 Valentine's Floowers that will blow you away.

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This is Limited edition Floower - 

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Valentine's Floower
A special color for a special occasion

Valentine's red petals

Red color has always been with Valentine’s day in the form of hearts and roses. Now we’re bringing you a red everlasting flower as proof of your everlasting love. The petals are solid color, yet translucent enough so the Floower can shine beautifully. Adjust the brightness with the mobile app or try to experiment with color when it’s fully blossomed.

It comes with a story

Walnut base with a history

Floower Lab was founded in 2020 by Jiří, Lukáš, and Pavel, but the story of walnut started way before that.

The story started in one garden quite certainly before any of us was born. There a walnut started to sprout and grew into a large tree. When Lukáš bought the place some five years ago, the walnut tree was already too big for the yard and needed some attention.

Lukáš was wise enough to keep the cut-off branches and let them slowly dry out. There’s no plan to trim the tree further, so this is the only chance to get Floower with the base from our very own wood.

Red Floower lit
Valentine's Floower with hearts
Be bold

Made for the proposal

We treat each of our Floowers with great care. But this limited series is exceptional, and we believe it’s the right choice if you plan to propose this year.

Proposing with Floower might not be for everyone. It’s for the brave, those who love art and craft like Nathaniel, whom we thank so much for sharing his story and wishing him and his beloved one the most amazing journey together in years to come.

Key Qualities of Floower

The reasons to make you buy it :]

Original Design

Two years of development. And we still tinker.

Soft Light

In any color of the rainbow. Precisely 16 millions colors.

Made for Touch

Touch the leaf to let your Floower bloom.

Rechargable Battery

Up to 12h of light with no cables needed.

Mobile App

Your mobile phone is a remote control

Eco Friendly

Locally sourced wood and plastic made from corn.

Carefully Packaged

You'll understand when unboxing.

Made in Czech Republic

Every spare minute we make Floowers for you to enjoy.

Ready for Digital Age

First Flower with Remote Control

Surprise everyone when you Floower suddenly blooms into your favorite color with no visible interaction. That’s one of the reasons we built a mobile app. Control the brightness to match your mood and select the perfect color for the moment.

Made for Makers


Want to join or community of Floowackers? Checkout the Flooware and make your Floower ever more unique. The software is written in the Arduino code and is easy to understand and modify. We are looking forward to your commits.

Numbers and geeky words :]