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We're happy to have you here on our website. We are creators of Floowers - everblooming flowers. Every piece is carefully handmade, and you can shop for them here. The main shop page is, where you can look into what we offer. If anything is unclear, please let us know. We care deeply to be as accurate as humanly possible.

Floower team
Jiri, Lukas, and Pavel

General security

Your access to the website is possible only through an HTTPS encrypted connection. The certificate is issued by the Let’s Encrypt certification authority. 

HTTPS encryption

Your connection to is encrypted for your security.

Anonymized analytics

Our analytics does not collect any data through which we could identify you.

We never sell data

When you order we keep your order data private. Period.

Payment methods

There are two payment methods available to make sure your payment is processed safely.

Stripe credit/debit card payment

With the Stripe credit/debit card option, you pay directly on our website with your credit/debit card. Even though it might look like we handle your card details, please do not be mistaken – we never know your card details. The card form is provided by Stripe, and also the transaction is processed securely by Stripe.


When you select PayPal as a payment method, you will be redirected to the PayPal payment gateway when submitting your order. PayPal is taking significantly higher provisions compared to Stripe. Therefore there’s a small fee associated with choosing the PayPal payment option.


Yay! New order received – that always makes us happy! 🎉 

New orders are processed within few days for the items we already have ready for you, like the Crystal Spruce. If you ordered something we didn’t have at hand or if you ordered a Custom Floower, it may take us a few days to make the Floower before we’re ready to send it.

We use three main options to send Floowers around the world from the Czech Republic, our homeland.

EU countries

For EU countries, we ship through Zasilkovna, which has partnered with shipping providers in each country. EU shipping is free.

United Kingdom is not included in EU countries.


For the US, we offer two FedEx options.


We handle the rest of the world via Czech Post, which is then partnering with local post offices around the globe.

🚚 As soon as we have it, we’ll send you a tracking number. The tracking number is generated even before we print out the label and put it on the package, so don’t worry if it’s not on the road immediately.

Money-back guarantee

If the Floower doesn’t meet your expectations, you can send it back to us within 30 days of delivery. Only 4 steps to make.


Start by sending us an email at


Floower needs to be in perfect shape, including original packaging and accessories.


Send the Floower back to us. We don’t cover the costs of the return shipping.


We’ll get you your money back.

Returns and Replacements

If the Floower breaks we’re ready to replace it free of charge for you.

We trust each other

Floower is a handmade product. We focus on quality, not quantity. We build each piece with care, and we focus on perfection. Yet, from time to time, there can be human error or worn failure. That’s normal, and we won’t hide that.

So in the case your Floower breaks, we are happy to send you a new one. That is our philosophy. We won’t ask questions about what you have done to it. We just want satisfied customers.

At the same time, we trust you that you did not break your Floower on purpose just to have another one.

Please keep in mind that wood and plastic may change color over time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight, and the battery degrades over time. Such changes are natural and are not subject to replacements.

So here is the deal

In case your Floower breaks, we will replace it with a new one:

  1. Send us a picture or video and briefly describe what has happened – we won’t judge you. We just need to learn from our mistakes. In case we determine it’s a software issue, we might ask you to try a few things.
  2. We might ask you to ship the broken Floower back to us – at our expense. We care to know what happened to improve ourselves.
  3. We will provide you with a coupon that equals the amount you paid for your broken-down Floower.
  4. You can order whatever Floower you want from our shop. We now have multiple variants, and we will be happy if you try another one.
  5. Your new shiny Floower will arrive soon 🙂