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Tasting TBL Blooming Dinner

Tyler's and Jeniffer's Supper Club

Tyler Lyne is a molecular gastronomy expert & Culinary Institute of America graduate. He has honed his skills in Japan and at highly regarded restaurants such as Restaurant Cru, Bouley, Momofuku Ko, and Ciano before landing his first chef job as Chef de Cuisine at La Esquina. And the list goes on and on. Tyler is a genuinely fantastic chef.

Tyler and his wife Jennifer opened an experimental restaurant strictly focused on experimental suppers every Saturday – Supper Club. Their goal is to provide you with a fine dining experience in an intimate home setting. Sit down at their table and enjoy a meal with those you know and trust, or meet new people over a great dinner in a low-risk, casual atmosphere.

The Supper Club is not only about the great taste and incredible food. It’s all about a breathtaking experience. When Tyler spotted the original everblooming flower two years ago, he instantly knew this would create a fantastic experience serving the food. Combining technology and taste.

Let's bring emotion into serving food

When the Floower was born, Tyler contacted us immediately. We started to cooperate on a new trend in serving his fantastic chocolate desserts. We designed a special octopus add-on that is attached inside the Floower’s blossom. Chocolate is placed inside the blossom, and Floower is closed.

When the Supper Club guest gets the Floower and touches the leaf, the unexpected happens – the flower starts to bloom to reveal a sweet inside. “Amazing experience, our guests are shooting it on their phones and sharing with their friends. They are crazed about it. I love what you have made,” says Tyler. Floowers create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere at the table when all 24 are shining in a different color. Take a look at the happy faces!

Supper Club full of Floowers
Supper Club full of Floowers

Challenge Accepted

This was a great challenge and super fun to innovate with Tyler. And we will continue to cooperate with Tyler on bringing a more breathtaking experience to serving the food. Do you have an idea of what you would love to do with Floower? Can Floower make something extraordinary for your business? We will take that challenge and help you!

Taste Technology

Convert your Floower into breathtaking chocolate box
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