Let there be light

Using Floower

Did you unpacked your fresh new Floower and removed the protective wrap around the petals and flowerpot? If yes, you are now ready to power it up.

Floower red touch

Get ready to power on

Once you take Floower out of the box, make sure to remove protective wrap around petals. Do not try to turn on the Floower if something is blocking the blossom.

Power ON - bring your Floower to life

  1. Hold your Floower upside down to see its bottom cover with the Floower logo
  2. There is a tiny ON/OFF switch on the side of the protective cover
  3. Make sure you are not touching the leaf right now
  4. Use pointy thing included in the box to move the switch to ON position
  5. The blue LED next to the USB socket will start flashing
  6. Turn your Floower upright
Use the ON/OFF switch in case you want to put Floower back in the box for transport. Otherwise you can keep it always on.

Touch the leaf

Floower is delightful to control by touching its metal leaf, and there is a simple and long touch.

A simple touch is cycling through 3 following modes:

  1. Floower will bloom – blossom will open and lights up in random color
  2. Blossom will close and remain lit
  3. Light will fade away, and Floower will come to sleep


A long touch allows you to either pick a color or connect your Floower to a mobile device.

  • 2-second touch will start cycling through colors, and the following short touch will confirm color selection
  • 5-second touch makes your Floower flashing blue and gets it into the Blueetoth discover mode

Charge the battery

Use provided USB-C cable to charge the Floower from your mobile phone charger or any USB port. If you check the bottom side of the Floower the RED light should shine next to the USB port saying it’s charging. Once the RED light goes away the Floower is fully charged.

Max charger ratings: 5V 1A

Connect to mobile app

When you connect your Floower to a mobile app, you do not only get a remote control, but you will also get access to some advanced options.

How to connect to your Floower

  1. Install Floower app from Apple Store or Play Store
  2. Hold the leaf for 5 seconds while Floower is sleeping until it starts flashing blue
  3. Open the Floower app and follow the on-screen instructions
  4. Enjoy


What can you do with the mobile app?

  • Remotely change the color or make the flower bloom
  • Customize the color scheme your Floower blooms to
  • Change the name of the flower to make it yours
  • Adjust the speed of petals blooming
  • Adjust the light intensity
  • Connect your Floower to WiFi so you can control it from anywhere

Connect to WiFi

Connecting your Floower to WiFi allows you to control it from anywhere. For WiFi connection, you need firmware version 10 or higher and the latest mobile app.

  1. Floower needs to be connected to a power supply in order for the WiFi module to work
  2. Open the mobile app with your connected Floower
  3. Navigate to the Settings screen
  4. Tap on WiFi
  5. Enter the name and password of the WiFi you want to connect to
  6. Congratulations, you can control your Floower from anywhere

Keep Your Floower Upgraded

That’s right! The Floower is upgradable. Learn how to get the latest features, animations, and updates to your Floower. It’s really easy.

Treat Your Floower so it Lasts Forever

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.
  • Don’t expose it to direct sunlight or UV light.
  • Protect from heat above 50°C and cold below 5°C
  • Don’t water it.
  • Don’t plant it.
  • Don’t eat it.
  • Keep it indoors.
  • Don’t put your fingers inside the blossom.
  • Don’t disassemble it.
  • Keep it standing while the petals are moving.
  • Keep it charged. Turn it OFF when you are not planning to use it for a long time.
  • Do not disassemble the bottom cover.

Bottom LED indication

A small status LED located on the bottom of your Floower indicates what is going on.

  • Blue flashing – Bluetooth is turned on
  • Purple flashing – WiFi is turned on
  • Red flashing – Floower is charging

Using Floower