Let there be light

Using Floower

Did you unpacked your fresh new Floower and removed the protective wrap around the petals and flowerpot? If yes, you are now ready to power it up.

Floower red touch

🙏 Before you start

You surely don’t want to damage your flower. So before you move to the next steps, please make sure you have removed the wrap around petals, so they can open freely.

💡 Power ON - Bring your Floower to life

  1. Hold your Floower upside down to see its bottom and protective cover with the Floower logo
  2. There is a tiny ON/OFF switch on the side of the protective cover
  3. Make sure you are not touching the leaf right now
  4. Use pointy thing (paperclip, tip of pencil, ..) to move the switch to ON position
  5. The blue LED next to the USB socket will start flashing
  6. Turn your Floower upright


Why is the ON/OFF switch so small?

Its main purpose is to maintain safety on the travel to you. You can keep the Floower always ON. It has an ultra-low power consumption mode once no light is emitted thus the flower will last several weeks without charging.

👉 Touching the Leaf

All the interactions with the Floower are performed by touching its metal leaf. You can now touch the leaf for the first time.

  1. Touch it for the first time – Floower will bloom into random color
  2. Touch it for the second time – Floower will close still shining
  3. Touching it for the third time – Floower will came to sleep


You can also hold the leaf for 2 seconds to start the rainbow color picker. In this mode you can choose any color you wish by touching the leaf again. It does not matter if Floower is sleeping, bloomed or closed.

🔌 Charging

Do not water your Floower! 💦⛔️ It likes electricity more.

Use provided USB-C cable to charge the Floower from your mobile phone charger or any USB port. If you check the bottom side of the Floower the RED light should shine next to the USB port saying its charging. Once the RED light goes away the Floower is fully charged.

Max charger ratings: 5V 1A

📱 Remote Control & Customization

You mobile phone can be a remote control to your Floower! Isn’t that wonderful?

How to connect to your Floower

  1. Install Floower app from Apple Store or Play Store
  2. Hold the leaf for 5s while Floower is sleeping until it starts flashing blue
  3. Open Floower app and connect to your Floower
  4. Enjoy


What can you do with the mobile app?

  • Remotly change the color or make the flower bloom
  • Customize the color scheme your Floower blooms to
  • Change the name of the flower to make it yours
  • Adjust sensitivity of the leaf
  • Adjust speed of petals blooming

🏆 Keep Your Floower Upgraded

That’s right! The Floower is upgradable. Learn how to get the latest features, animations, and updates to your Floower. It’s really easy.

🖖 Treat Your Floower so it Lasts Forever

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.
  • Don’t expose it to direct sunlight or UV light.
  • Protect from heat above 50°C and cold below 5°C
  • Don’t water it.
  • Don’t plant it.
  • Don’t eat it.
  • Keep it indoors.
  • Don’t put your fingers inside the blossom.
  • Don’t disassemble it.
  • Keep it standing while the petals are moving.
  • Keep it charged. Turn it OFF when you are not planning to use it for a long time.
  • Do not disassemble the bottom cover.

Using Floower